Victorian Buyers Advocates

Buyer Advocacy

Give yourself your time back and employ an expert to scour the market, liaise with agents, and shortlist all the best properties for you. We work hand-in-hand with our clients to find the most suitable online and off market properties to consider. But you only inspect the properties that have passed our quality tests, and fit the brief and budget. No more whiling away your Saturdays at endless open for inspections.

Negotiate and Secure

If you have found “the one”, we can help you ensure you have the best chance of buying it. We are experienced negotiators. Our knowledge of the buying process and ability to value property give you a huge advantage over your competition. We assist with due diligence and make sure you have made a considered decision, then execute the strategy. 

Rural and Farming Property

Buying and selling large rural and farming holdings can be stressful and emotionally taxing. Let us help you step back from the emotion of the deal and clarify the priorities in the transaction. Keeping family relationships intact and ensuring the best outcome is achieved for everyone when you entrust a professional to help. Our country background means we understand concepts that are foreign to many city agents.

International and Interstate Buying

If you are trying to buy a property in Melbourne or Victoria from afar, either interstate or overseas, you are missing out on opportunities. Not all property that is bought and sold is listed on the online sale directories. We will be your feet on the ground and gain access to the options that only a local presence will afford you. 

Vendor Advocacy and Sale Assistance

Selling a home can be emotional and stressful. By bringing Ironbark Property Advocates in to assist, you can rest easy knowing that only the best selling agents will be entrusted with the sale. We help guide you through the sale process and ensure your best interests are being upheld, at no cost to you. Click above to find out more about how our vendor assistance works.

Auction Bidding

So you have found the right property, and the agent is telling you it must go to auction? Rely on our auction and negotiation expertise to secure the property for the best price and terms possible. Our experience bidding at auction and handling negotiations when a property has passed in put you in the best position possible on auction day. 

Lifestyle and Holiday Homes

The process of buying a lifestyle property or holiday home is no different to buying your family home. Searching, inspecting, negotiating, and missing out at auctions is frustrating. It doesn’t need to be this way. Entrust Ironbark Property Advocates to manage the search for your holiday home or lifestyle property and you will enjoy the efficiency of a targeted property search, conducted on your behalf by a professional. 

Investment Buying

Investing in property is a wealth-creation strategy relied on by many people. Ensuring that you buy the best quality property to make the best investment possible is imperative. Ironbark Property Advocates can advise and guide you in selecting your investment property in Melbourne and regional Victoria. Our buyer advocacy process applies to homes and investment properties equally.

Buying a home, investment property or beach house.  We’re here to help.

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