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Our buyer advocacy service is not just for local Victorian clients. If you are overseas or in another part of Australia, you need access to property at ground level and independent representation. Ironbark Property Advocates are your local property experts in Melbourne and Victoria.

Full Search Service for International and Interstate Buyers

Our comprehensive Full Search Service is perfect for expats or other property buyers who want to buy in Melbourne or regional Victoria and are not in the vicinity. We find the best options available which suit your brief and budget, provide regular reports and will take you on virtual inspections using video communication. It’s the next best thing to being here with us.

If you are searching for a property from overseas or another State or Territory in Australia, you will not be seeing every property that is being bought and sold in your target area. A large volume of property is sold off market, away from the online advertising portals. A significant advantage of using Ironbark Property Advocates to conduct your search is the access we gain to property that is not yet available online or to the general public.

As is the case for all of our Full Search Service clients, we keep working until we find the right property for you that meets all of your objectives.

The Property Search Process for International and Interstate Buyers

Formulate the brief

Property location, style, size, price

Before we begin our work on the ground, we have detailed discussions with you about your brief: what size, type and age of property you’re looking for, in what area, at what price. We discuss your preferences and the non-negotiable aspects of your ideal property, so we have a solid understanding of the brief before launching our search.

Scour the market

Rest easy while we search on your behalf

We hit the ground inspecting available properties and form a shortlist of the best options. This is not limited only to public open for inspections. We speak to agents in the areas you are searching in and find out what other properties they have coming up for sale. Early access and off market access to properties are the result of our agent communication during this phase and are of great benefit to you.

Video inspections

Spend time with us inspecting the shorTlist

When we are confident that we have found the best options within your brief, we make an appointment to show the top 5-10 properties to you via video. This ensures that we understand your brief, and you understand the property options within the parameters of your brief. If the right property isn’t on the shortlist yet, we make any adjustments needed, and keep on searching to find it.

Advice and analysis

Understand the value and quality of property

During our property search together we will provide advice regarding the value and quality of each property inspected. If you select a property to purchase, we prepare an appraisal of value using comparable market analysis and provide guidance as to current market value.

Due diligence

Ensure everything is in order

Once you have identified a property to purchase, we assist you in completing due diligence. We help you arrange for the Contract of Sale to be reviewed by a solicitor, can arrange a pest and building inspection, make enquiries with the relevant council, and help you examine planning schemes and overlays if necessary.

Negotiate to secure

Strategise and implement

When you are satisfied with the property quality and result of the due diligence, we formulate a strategy to purchase. This will differ depending on the method of sale. Our experience and insight holds us in good stead over competitors because we know what to do and when to do it. If we don’t manage to buy the property, we go back to scouring the market and repeat the shortlisting process until we find and buy your ideal property.

Negotiate and Secure Service for International and Interstate Buyers

You have found the right property from afar but haven’t been able to inspect it. You need an independent professional to inspect the property on your behalf and provide their opinion regarding its quality and value. Ironbark Property Advocates will inspect property on your behalf, provide a video account and our professional feedback regarding the property.

If it is to your satisfaction, we will then move to secure it for you. A word of advice: make sure you engage us sooner rather than later. Property is selling at breakneck speed in Victoria and if you delay, you may miss the opportunity.

Our Negotiate & Secure package includes the following steps from the Full Search Service:

  • Advice and analysis, including in-person inspection and video account to you
  • Due diligence
  • Negotiate to secure


International and interstate buyers in both of our Full Search and Negotiate and Secure Services will also receive:

  • a final pre-settlement inspection conducted by us
  • introductions for property management, renovation design and oversight if you require these services¬†
Pretty Victorian home bought for a client using International Homebuying service

Auction bidding

As an interstate or internationally-based buyer you will need representation at auction.

Employing Ironbark Property Advocates to represent you on auction day means you are employing a professional bidder to execute a well thought-out plan and capitalise on their experience.

We are able to organise a Non-Enduring Power of Attorney for the purpose of signing documents at a successful auction, so that you don’t miss out simply due to distance.¬†

International buyer family home purchased by Ironbark Property Advocates

My wife and I live in Manila and worked with Alice on identifying and negotiating the purchase of a townhouse in Melbourne. The purchase was primarily for our children to live in while they attend Melbourne University.
Alice was very diligent and paid particular attention to the unique requirements of our purchase. The need for safety, good street lighting and adequate public transport, for example, considering we will have young adults travelling home alone at night. We ultimately purchased a place we are very happy with, after passing on around 30 places. The auction strategy played out exactly as Alice had planned. Both strategy and execution were first class.
I can recommend Alice without hesitation and will gladly use her for my next purchase.

– G. & M.

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