Vendor Advocacy

We don’t just buy property. We can also help you navigate the course of a property sale.

Vendor Advocacy and Assistance


Selling a much-loved family home can be emotional and stressful. Even the thought of engaging a real estate agent can be daunting. Let us take the stress out of the process and help you select the best agent for the job, and monitor the sale process for you. You can rest easy knowing that a qualified professional is ensuring you receive the best advice about the sale method, how to treat any offers that are received, the current market value and what to expect at auction with only your best interests in mind.

The best part about our Vendor Advocacy and Assistance service is that it does not cost you anything. Convention in the real estate industry dictates that the agent who is selected to sell the property agrees to share a portion of their sale commission with us, your Vendor Advocate. So there is no cost to you beyond the fee you will need to pay a selling agent, which is a cost you will incur even if you do not have our assistance.

Vendor Advocacy Process

Value appraisal

Analysis of the current market

We examine all recent sales to provide you with an appraisal of the current market value of your property. This can help you make the decision to sell or stay, and plan the next step in your property journey.

Agent selection

Interview a shortlist of agents

We recommend a shortlist of the most suitable agents for your sale, and help you interview them. We ensure that you are receiving the most competitive commission rate possible from the agent you select, and that they are a good fit for you and the campaign.

Campaign oversight

Guidance and advice during the sale campaign

We oversee the sale campaign by maintaining regular contact with the agent on your behalf. We help you interpret the attendance and enquiry numbers, and track the sale results of comparable properties during the course of your sale campaign. This helps you remain aware of the likely market value of your property as the sale campaign progresses.

Strategic advice

Know how to respond to offers received

If offers to purchase are received, we assess them in their totality and provide considered advice about whether they are worth entertaining, or if a better result can be achieved by allowing the campaign to progress further. Each property sale is unique and we help you identify your biggest motivators and priorities, without emotion clouding your view. Our ability to apply cost vs benefit analysis at this stage is of particular importance.

Auction day support

Support and advice on auction day

We provide a level head on auction day to guide you through the process, explain what is happening, and provide advice if the property passes in. This is all based on our previous understanding and analysis of the current market conditions and buyer psychology.

Plant in investment property sold using Buyer Advocacy service at Ironbark Property Advocates

Selling Investment Properties


When you decide it is time to liquidate your investment property asset, let us take the hassle out of organising the sale for you. We will coordinate the campaign on the ground as your Vendor Advocate in conjunction with the appointed selling agent. 

The process follows the same course as the sale of a prized family home. Our advice is honest and takes into account your objectives and desired sale outcome. And there is no additional cost to you. 

Vendor signing contract of sale

Why choose Ironbark Property Advocates as my Vendor Advocate?


Ironbark Property Advocates holds a full real estate licence. We work hands-on with all of our clients and acknowledge the importance of achieving the best sale result possible, so that you are able to make your next move with as much comfort and certainty as can be achieved.

We care deeply about the level of service we provide to our clients whether they are buying or selling. And we genuinely enjoy using our skills and knowledge to assist other people.

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Let us help you navigate the market

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